Hi all. Quick question. I'm having some plumbing work done in my basement and the guys that I hired typically work with PEX?? as opposed to the Wirsbo Aquapex that is in the rest of my house. They are matching what I have and they are using the expansion tool. They made a bunch of connections in the bath and put some couplings in off the main lines--no problems. However, when the put the connections on for the bar area and then turned the water back on, they have leaks. They were perplexed and very apologetic and kept working on it, but it still leaks a little bit. They are coming back tomorrow to fix it. They were going to check if their PEX stuff with crimps would work with the Wirsbo Aquapex.

My preference is that they stay with the expansion tool and get that done right. I tried to do a bit of research on this stuff and it looks like for the size pipe I have they should be doing 4 expansions and then sticking it on? I have two questions really. Since none of the other joints leak, am I crazy in thinking that it takes a little bit of time for the pipe to "come back" to its normal size and seat on the fitting? Like I said, the first joints they did (and left to seat for awhile while they worked on other areas) are fine.

Last question would be if the answer to my first question is "no, you can turn the water on right away." then what else might be causing these two separate connection to be leaking?

Thanks for any insight you might have