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Thread: Aquapex expansion question (Wirsbo)

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    Default Aquapex expansion question (Wirsbo)

    Hi all. Quick question. I'm having some plumbing work done in my basement and the guys that I hired typically work with PEX?? as opposed to the Wirsbo Aquapex that is in the rest of my house. They are matching what I have and they are using the expansion tool. They made a bunch of connections in the bath and put some couplings in off the main lines--no problems. However, when the put the connections on for the bar area and then turned the water back on, they have leaks. They were perplexed and very apologetic and kept working on it, but it still leaks a little bit. They are coming back tomorrow to fix it. They were going to check if their PEX stuff with crimps would work with the Wirsbo Aquapex.

    My preference is that they stay with the expansion tool and get that done right. I tried to do a bit of research on this stuff and it looks like for the size pipe I have they should be doing 4 expansions and then sticking it on? I have two questions really. Since none of the other joints leak, am I crazy in thinking that it takes a little bit of time for the pipe to "come back" to its normal size and seat on the fitting? Like I said, the first joints they did (and left to seat for awhile while they worked on other areas) are fine.

    Last question would be if the answer to my first question is "no, you can turn the water on right away." then what else might be causing these two separate connection to be leaking?

    Thanks for any insight you might have

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    Talking Aquapex is easy

    the only thing that they can be doing wrong

    are they trying to re-use the brass fittings???

    I have had troubles with the brass stuff and I prefer
    the black plastic fittings over the brass.....

    If they are doing 1/2 inch that is pretty easy......

    tell them to cut it back a ways and put in a coupling and start over with new stuff
    dont try to re-use that beat up fitting or scarred up end pipe or you will not win......

    another good tip.....it is really wise to get very hot
    hair dryer or dryer that is used for FIBERGLASS WORK
    and after the joints are made simply HEAT
    them up...for about 30 seconds or so........

    I recently did a whole building and could see my breath
    in the basement.....we had to heat the place with a slalmander
    and I had to use a hot hair dryer on every joint

    just to make sure that they shrunk back down quickly
    the hair dryer worked great....

    The only leak I had on the whole system was an
    end cap that I put on going to a sink ......
    the only reason it leaked was I thought it would
    be ok and did not heat it up with the hair dryer,,,. took a short cut....

    they will win eventualy...

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    Master Plumber Mark,

    Thanks for the reply. The area where they are having problems is where they are trying to attach the wirsbo tubing to an existing manifold. The manifold was put in when the house was originally built. There were a couple of extra spots that were capped off. They are expanding the Wirsbo and then putting it on the manifold. After doing this, they were immediately turning the water on because these were the last connections they were making. The basement is heated and I would estimate the temp is high 60's in the area where they are working.

    Do you still think its a temp issue? Is there any issue on the timing of turning the water back on? None of their other connections are leaking, but these two are for some reason.

    Thanks again for the reply.

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    If it has been sitting for a few hours, turn the water back on and see if it leaks. It takes it longer to return to original size the colder it is.
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    Talking scarring up that brass nipple

    I would guess that your problem has been resolved

    They had to take something off the manifold
    to be able to install the new ine.....

    if they somehow scarred or scraped or nicked up that
    brass fitting , like useing a serrated pocket knife to cut off the
    old band and pipe that was on there........
    it can be hell to pay.

    you might have to use sand-cloth on any knicks in the brass cause\
    you certainly cant change the stub out from the manifold.

    the brass nipples have given me greif before

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    Can you just cut the expansion sleeve off and heat to get the old off a manifold or how should you do it. Crimp style comes right off after you cut the crimp off, I always assumed wirsbo was the same, I never took one of those off.


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