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Thread: Terminating vent in attic

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    Default Terminating vent in attic

    Must be OK. One year after constructed.

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    Well . . . it looks as if they were getting ready to glue a vertical piece in place, but maybe they forgot . . .

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    Well atleast they used primer.

    I just had a home owner that did all his own plumbing. Looked like hell. He had the VTR cut and hanging in the attic. The guy went on a business trip. The wife had the roofers in. The roofers shoved the pipe into the attic, and closed the roof. The tenants so loved the smell. If he only made the last connection he would have saved him self a tun of trouble. The tenants called the the board of health. That was the worst smelling place I have been in.
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    That's a lot of vents up there all over the place. Big too.


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