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Thread: Sioux Chief Pex

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    Quote Originally Posted by pbaker View Post
    Much Appreciated direction, Yank.

    Stamp on the side says CPI Pex - NSF or something. It is very corroded on ones I have been able to access so far and replace. Could not even read the sides on the first few that failed. Are these stamps Uponor?

    Your failed PEX is CPI DuraPEX which became orphaned in a move where CPI went out of business and ceased to exist while selling the rights to make their product to Nibco.

    There is another thread on this forum with several others that have had problems with CPI DuraPEX, Nibco and Chubb I would suggest using the forum search to find the thread and contact the others regarding what is going on there. Last I heard they didn't have anything going on.

    Your problem is slightly different as the failure involved the fitting failing and not the tube itself. Their problem was the tubing splitting.

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    Yea. It seems like they are trying to do that. Sucks. I have tried the new plastic fittings. I am hoping they work better. I am sure it will not be long again until the next ones fail. Guess, I am one of those suckers they screwed. Will have to deal with the issues as they happen.

    I will follow up as I learn more or as more learn me.

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