Posted: Sun Feb 24, 2008 4:36 pm Post subject: Radiant hydronic floor heat


I am building a new 1900sf home with a attached 400sf garage, I installed my barrier pex tubing on my own without much of a design, I placed pex 16oc with a max length of 250', with double bubble insulation blankets instead of 2" ridged styrofoam. I have set up 3 zones using 3 circulating pumps, Taco 3 zone module, a Thermolec 15kw(50K btu) electric boiler,expansion tank,RPZ valve,Spirovent, and other run of the mill fittings, The boiler came with a genral illustration of how it was to be plumbed, as I did. However I can't seem to get the supply water temp over 80 degrees. I have tested the boilers current draw and other thing on it, it checks out ok. I have been told that the insulation does'nt really supply ampel insulation and that I probaly have my pex too far apart, they should have been 12oc. Knowing all of this what would the least expensive solution to make the floor system work? Any ideas would be great, my next step is call in a professional, which I think will only tell me what I already know, I screwed up.