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Thread: Is stack legal?

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    Question Is stack legal?

    I have "built" a stack for approval or "red sticker" from you good people.
    Do you think this stack is "legal".

    The "tee" that is labeled "Waste line to: toilet(this floor) will actually be turned to head in a more direct route to the closet bend - the most amount of bend will 1/8, possible 0. The toilet is about 20" (OC-to-OC) to this stack.

    The "wye" that is below the toilet waste line, will have an 1/8 bend to bring it back parrellel to the stack as quickly as possible. Once it arrives in the floor joist cavity, it will make a 1/4 bend and head directly under the tub/shower to connect to the trap and vent line.

    I may have to change the 4x4x2x2 TEE (venting in lower upper stack detail) to a 4x4x2 TEE so that I can keep the stack chase as narrow as possible - depth is not an issue.

    (the heights of the various inlets/outlets is NOT an accurate portrayal..ie, all venting will be avove 42", tub and shower waste lines are directly ontop of each other, etc)
    What do you think?

    Thanks !

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    Default stack

    What you have appears to be okay, but you realize that when you install the rest of the piping, you could still do something to qualify for a "red tag".

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    Quote Originally Posted by hj
    ... you could still do something to qualify for a "red tag".
    That's an understatement to say the least

    Before a drop of glue is applied, I will post a picture of it....I'd rather do it right and it take an extra day...then get it done in a day and then spend a day ripping it out, getting supplies, rebuilding etc. then another day (or two) of building and waiting for "approval".

    I still may make some changes...but that depends on the guys at the supply house (No HD here!)...I asked for the double fixture fitting and they gave me that cross fitting that was flagged. I'll bring a pic of what i want and see if they can find it...if not there's another house about 2 miles away.
    I have considered.....just stubbing everything through the floor and then make connections when I rehab lower floor...but, who wants a nice bath they can't even use? (I asked my wife, she asked not to be put on that list...LOL)

    With any luck...I'll have an actual stack "in place" by Tuesday. This was all supposed to be done and in place LAST Friday
    What can I say? Do it right or don't do it at all!

    Thanks hj and have a nice weekend !


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