I'll repeat this for anyone who may have missed it.

We test all our tiled showers, whether it's a requirement of the AHJ, the code, the individual inspector, contract or not. Most codes require a 24 hour test, some test longer. Both are fine. Again, a passing test is no assurance that your contractor knows how to properly put together a shower. Pay attention to this; having inspectors or anyone else witness shower testing is *NOT*, I repeat *NOT* a requirement by many jurisdictions regardless of whether it's adopted by code or not. Inspectors, quite simply, are over burdened and overworked, and witnessing a shower test is not high on their priority list often times. I can attest to this with personal experience from both sides of this relationship. These folks deserve our respect regardless of what your personal relationship is with them, due to the fact they are there as the public's representative and are primarily concerned with life safety issues when they have little time on their schedules.

We have been remodeling, building and rebuilding code compliant bathrooms, kitchens, and whole houses for over 3 decades and have many long time clients who know us, know our work, and hire us decade after decade. Bottom line, we know how to take care of folks whether it's code compliance folks, design professionals, clients, property managers or just the neighbors. It's not important that we satisfy every internet troll with a computer and a chip on his shoulder. What is important - and our life long repeat clients is all the satisfaction we need - is that we're pro's and know how to get things done right, the first time, and we do it with a smile.