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Thread: Dekor Glass Arietta Hood

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    Default Dekor Glass Arietta Hood

    Does anyone have another suggestion to mounting the hood, other than having to take out the sheetrock? We could not find any installation instructions prior to having our walls finished and didn't find out until after the sheetrock and painting were done that the installation requires you take out the sheetrock and have it redone. Since we just paid to have the sheetrock done, we do not want to have them come and re-do the job. Thanks.

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    Default what is it?

    How about some information about the hood, such as specifications, where it is supposed to be installed, etc. Just giving us the name of it does not tell us anything about it.

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    Looks like a pretty heavy unit (from the pic) and I suspect you will have to mount it to something structural under the drywall to make it hold up....
    Gonna have to re-do the rock I htink...


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