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Thread: Joining solid and stranded wires

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    When I wire-nut stranded to solid (often with fixture wires, and the fixture wires much smaller than the solid) I put a couple of small zig-zag bends in the solid before I spiral-wrap the stranded (stripped a little longer) around the solid. The tapered thread of the wire nut clamps the stranded to the solid and the bends prevent the solid from being pulled out.

    I can reliably attach #16 or #18 fixture wires to #12 solid and never have them pull apart.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jadnashua View Post
    Most of the electrical solders melt in the low to mid700-degree range, if I remember right. In a fire, if it got that hot, it would mess up other things, as the insulation would be gone and any wood around would have also reached the ignition point.
    It's actually more around 370 degrees. If you have a poor solder joint, perhaps cold or weak, it could end up with enough resistance to heat it up.



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