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Thread: No room for disposal - any advice?

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    Default No room for disposal - any advice?


    Wife demanded granite countertops, and the obligatory undermount sink. Well, much money later, they're in, and I'm setting about installing the disposal. Old disposal (GE Disposall) was rusty inside, but we don't really use it much. Old sink was white, so needed a new stainless basket to match the sink. Couldn't find one - well, guess the thing was rusty anyhow. Bought the 'compact' Evolution Insinkerator at Lowe's. So now I'm really light in the wallet (and maybe brain, too).

    So this new sink has the main drain positioned at the far back of the basin. Start looking at that fat new disposal, and the position of the sink basket, and - oh, no - the drain goes into the wall right behind that position. Agh!

    Well, there's so little clearance that I can't install and elbow and lead the drain fitting out a little from behind where the disposal will sit. So I'm kind of stumped. Any recommendations? Is there any such thing as a really tight bend elbow that might help me out?

    I figure my options are like this:

    -Rerun the drain line. Sink is above the garage, and can kinda gain access through the ceiling. Problem is that I installed some major blocking and a brick lintel in there to hold up the ledger board for a deck I built. So drilling up into the wall won't work, I don't think. Through the floor and into the cabinet base might, but probably would prefer not to do this. Also, the drain in the wall is vented where it leads in - would moving the drain along the horizontal drain below it cause a venting problem?

    -Forget the disposal. Likely not an option because of the wife.

    -Get a smaller disposal. This isn't a bad option - could probably make this work. Would probably prefer the quieter one, but that's not a deal breaker (and it's cheaper, too!). Probably still tight spacing, and a PITA because of that.

    -Cut up the back of the cabinet and wall, and rerun the drain pipe inside the wall. This would preserve the venting arrangement, but may have to replumb some supply (thought that wouldn't be the end of the world0.a

    -Some option I haven't considered. I'm a decent DIYer, and not afraid of much, but really prefer to do things the right way if at all possible. Got any ideas?

    Thanks in advance!

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    You would have major problems if you install the trap down in the garage. Plus it needs to be under the sink not in the garage.

    If you post a pic we all could give more info.

    I assume the trap come right out straight from the wall. You could turn the trap 90 to make the trap location work maybe.
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    Turn the disposer so the drain elbow is a couple of inches to the side, and have the trap make a 90 as patrick suggested.


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