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Thread: Moen 87130 Chalet Cartridge Replacement

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    Default Moen 87130 Chalet Cartridge Replacement

    Hi Everyone,

    My kitchen faucet is a Moen Chalet #87130 installed in 1998. The spout has been dripping slowly for a few months now. Today, I went to the Home Depot and picked up a new cartridge, #1225. I replaced the cartridge and now the spout drips even more. Depending on where the handle is turned, it is anywhere from a drip to a steady stream of water. There is no leaking around the base of the spout so I am assuming the o-ring gaskets there are still OK. I removed the new cartridge and replaced it 3 times now and still have the same problem. Is there anything else that can be causing the drip?

    The handle also turns 360 degrees now. I don't think it did that before, but I could be mistaken. If it isn't supposed to turn all the way around, what prevents it from turning 360 degrees?

    Thanks for any help.

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