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Thread: pipe problem ??? to drain feild

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    Angry pipe problem ??? to drain feild

    i need help badly this pipe and clog problem is driving me crazy !!! about every 10 days my toilets back up in my home i have to go out side to the cleanout stick a hose down about 8 to 10 feet of hose with a power nozzel and there i will hit something paper ect blast it for about 10 min with the power nozzel and it will unclog ! i have rented many times a profecsinal machine with a 3" claw and run it throuh the pipe untill i see it come out the septic tank line !i have also dug up the entire pipe there is no cracks in the pipe every thing seems to be normal yet i have this clog every 8 to 10 and this has been going on for months on end! could there be a collapsad pipe and if so how would i be able to tell ?? i have ruled out so many other things it is in the same place every time and all it taked is about 10 to 15 minutes with a hose and power nozzel to blast it clear again ? VERY CONFUSED ??

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    This problem sounds like a good case to have a camera inspection done on the entire line.


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