I have a question about running a supply line from the electric pole to the house I'm building. (www.freewebs.com/stocktonunderground). Because the site has a few obstables (good trees, a slab, etc) I'm trying to avoid cutting down one of our best trees to get electricity to the house, and I'm hoping to avoid a slab that we have too.
I've spoken to an engineer at the electric co-op and he agreed in a location for the pole. I'm wondering how straight a path I must have for the buried electric line to the house.
I understand that we want to avoid as many 90 degree turns as possible. We will have one at the bottom of the pole, and we will have one getting into the house. Apart from that, I think we're okay. My question is that along the route, I was wondering if we can have a few 20 degree turns (or more gentle turns) to get along the path to the house. Is there a problem with this?
I know that we will have a 2 inch conduit (pvc) that we'll have the lines run in. I can heat the conduit to make it flexible enough to bend slightly along the way. I'm just wondering how straight a path I really must have.
Is there a problem if rather than cutting through a slab to get beyond it, can I bend the conduit for gentle turns and get around the slab.
What is acceptable by code. What is safe. What is acceptable as far as practical matters of getting electricity to the new house.

If this isn't a good way, I will probably have to find a better location for the pole, but I'll have to get the engineer from the co-op out to the site again, and I know he's busy and was hoping that I wouldn't have to do that.