Hello All,

I just recently replaced my 8 year old Hydromatic pump with a with a Barnes SP33VF pump and SJE Verticalmaster switch. I have high ground water here and my pump cycles 1 to 2 times per hour all year. The old pump switch started to stick, causing the pump to go on, but not off. Decided to replace everything at one time. I have two basic questions...

How many cycles is the SJE switch rated for? -Says 3 year warranty, but not sure how many cycles. I have it attached to the water exit pipe to try to get as much time between cycles as I can.

I drilled a small hole in the pvc water exit pipe since the pump instructions said to do so. There was no hole drilled for the old Hydromatic pump. I have read that some people drill the hole, others don't. I also read that if a pump runs regularly (like mine), the chance of air lock is low and no hole is needed. I liked it better before because I did not have water spraying all around in my sump pit. I would like to keep the switch as dry as possible.