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Thread: Faucet and valve identification help needed....

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    Default Faucet and valve identification help needed....

    Hi, I have the faucet below and am trying to replace the ceramic valve. I've been looking around for a new valve locally and on the internet and can't seem to find a perfect match. The closest one I found is made by Price Pfister #910-900 but the end of the stem is not the same (mine has 23 notches). Here's a couple of pictures, hopefully someone knows at least the brand name of this faucet. Thanks in advance. BTW, that's teflon tape on the stem....

    and this is the closest match that I've found

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    Default stem

    Recount the splines. It would be rare for them to be 23. 20 or 24 are more common. The spout looks like PP, but not the handles, so I doubt that is what you have. All of the stems "look" similar until you actually place them next to each other.

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    I agree with hj. The spout looks like the PP Bedford.>http://www.pricepfister.com/website/...13793_1450.jpg

    But the handles are wrong. Here is a possible scenario: someone switched out the handles at some point, with genric or non-pp handles. Hence the teflon tape to try t make it fit right??

    The Bedord uses PP 910-024( cold ) and 910-025 ( hot ) ceramic stems. Your 910-100 is similar but not correct.

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    hj, you are correct it is 24 splines and not 23 (I verified on the cold stem). The 910-025/4 look similar but have a bump on the bottom that mine don't. Here's a picture of the bottom:

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    Well after searching for this stem for so long and coming up with nothing (literally hours spent looking at diagrams of different manufacturers), I decided to try the Pfister stem/valve. Not much luck, the hole size is different. The Pfister one is much smaller in diameter. I have officially given up on this faucet, and I have ordered a new one. The new one is a Kohler coralais widespread. Thanks for help.

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    Time for a new faucet?


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