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Thread: The Showbox, Feb 22nd

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    Default The Showbox, Feb 22nd

    Jamie and I will be at the Showbox at the Market in Seattle
    on Friday, February 22nd.

    It's a bar with ID, and "All Ages", so for the older ones, you can hang in the bar, or go down in front,
    the young ones can hang out in front.
    I expect my high school son will be going too. He had a really good time last Summer there.

    It's my older son that will be playing with his band, some of you know him from having us do work for you.

    Geoffrey Castle will be playing violin on the Movie Sound track song, "Happy"
    If you want tickets, let me know, it would be nice to see some of you there. I plan on bringing some camera's down to shoot some video for the television show, and I'm toying with the idea of having a live webcast of the show on www.live.yahoo.com

    Caspian will be doing his amazing video's behind the band as they play.
    One of my favorites is "I feel" that won the KISW Cock fight

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