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Thread: Advice on moving shower drain

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    Default Advice on moving shower drain

    I recently purchased a Aqua-Glass shower surround for a 32x60" opening.
    After removing the old tile and shower pan, I found the drain in the floor does not allign with the factory cut flooring. It needs to be relocated about 3 inches to the right. Any ideas to remedy this problem for the non plumbing inclined? Thanks in advance for any advice.
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    Depends on the type of pipe, cast iron, pvc, abs and how much access you have. It's one thing if it is buried in concrete, another if it is in a wood floor. Basically, you'd cut out the old stuff and redo with new getting everything to line up. How is the drain for the shower supposed to be connected? Is it a compression fit, a glued fit, etc. Is it designed for pvc? That will somewhat determine the material you use. Converting from one to another isn't a big deal. A few more details, and useful help can be supplied!
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    Default drain

    No way to tell you because it depends on how deep the trap is, what the pipe material is, what the floor is, etc.

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    A bathroom has more things that can be plumbed incorrectly than any other single area in the home. It is not an area that you should use as a classroom for how to plumb. You will be time, money, and grief ahead if you bite the bullet and hire a plumbing contractor to do the job right the first time.


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