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Thread: Can I use Qestpex fittings with Vanguard pex pipe?

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    Question Can I use Qestpex fittings with Vanguard pex pipe?

    Seems to hold on the hot water tank replacement I did today for supply and outlet connections at the house with no problem but always concerned with two diff products. House had Vanguard pex already and Home Depot sold all qestpex.

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    From what I've read, both of those brands are subpar. The Wirsbo PEX is the only brand that I've heard is good and that's only what I would trust.


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    pexinfo.com has a chart that shows what is compatible with what as far as fittings and tools.

    Wirsbo is best hands down, but not available everywhere and it is expensive and not as compatible as other crimp style brands.

    Using the proper fittings, tools and pipe for a new install is the best way to go, stick with one system. For repairs then check the pexinfo site.

    You made a repair only so if it was necessary probably OK, I wouldn't use the compression style fittings, crimp or Wirsbo expansion style only on PEX. I would hate to have a leak above a water heater.
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