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Thread: Height limitation under counter

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    Default Height limitation under counter

    We are doing a renovation and will be replacing two toilets along with flooring and sinks. We want to leave the counter in place. The counter extends over the toilet tank (banjo style). The underside of the counter top is 30.5 inches from the floor. So we need a toilet that will fit under the counter and still allow enough room for any required maintenance and repairs. We want a low flow toilet in a biscuit color. But also don't want to pay a high price. Nor have a toilet that is too unusual. But has good recommendations and reviews. Any suggestions on what we should use?

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    You want a Caddy that gets 50 mpg, goes from 0 to 60 in 1.5 seconds, and is priced like a Yugo? OK, I'm just kidding...sort of. You need to be aware that not all low flow toilets are equal. There are some good ones that are not too expensive, but most of the quality toilets are not really cheap. I'd suggest you go to Terry's home page, click on the Report on Low Flow Toilets, and scroll down to "Terry's Shopping Cart for Toto. You will find all of the Toto products listed there and the specifications for them, including height.


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