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Thread: Plastic Water Supply Line

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    Default Plastic Water Supply Line


    I will be installing a new water service supply line from the street to the house. My plumber wants to use a black plastic tubing (not PVC, and not PEX), but I don't remember the name of the material.

    Three questions:
    1) What could this plastic material be?
    2) What's the best material to use for a water service supply line?
    3) What kinds of chemicals leach out of plastic supply lines?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Default pipe

    Probably polyethylene. Leaching is not something you have to worry about. It has been used for water lines for many, many years, although I don't use it personally.

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    The line leading from the street to your home is least of your worries.

    If you need or want to worry try and find out what the water is sitting in and for how long before it ever gets to your house.

    If you are concerned about the line from the street to your home, running the water 3-4 min. before using it will normaly flush out that line for most homes.

    Copper is a good choice but may raise the cost an additional $10.00/ft. or more.
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    I use 200 PSI water service pipe - polyethelyne. Good stuff. I like the blue color - some cities require it. Black is identical except for color.


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