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Thread: Smelly furnance

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    Default Smelly furnance

    I have a slight problem with the hot air my furnace blows. Every now and again it smells, just like the "burnt, dusty smell" many of you may get briefly when you first turn your furnance on after a long period of non-use.

    It is not CO. I have three alarms in my house, and a fourth with a digitial display that keeps showing zero.

    But the smell, while it comes and goes, is worrying my wife.

    What do you think it can be?

    I had the furnace serviced last year and cleaned.

    Could it just be that I need a new filter (although I do replace these regularly as well)?

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    Your duct work could be full of dust and dust bunnies that would give you the same effect.

    Vacuuming you duct work would probably eliminate most of the odour. You may be able to vacuum out the return air as well. You will need to get access by cutting a square from the sheet metal. Cover the hole with a bigger peice of metal , a few screws and aluminium metal tape


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