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Thread: connect cpvc to metal shut off valve

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    Unhappy connect cpvc to metal shut off valve

    My water supply to my sink is cpvc pipe. I am replacing the old angle stop with a new metal one. I used teflon tape but it is still leaking. Any idea's.
    Thanks for any help
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    Use another layer or so of tape, or, also use some pipe dope rated for that material? I'm not a pro, but the guys that did some work for me (theydid the rough, I finished it), used both.
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    You may have tightened it too tightly or not tight enough. When transitioning from CPVC to any sort of metal I use a male adapter that glues onto the CPVC and has brass male threads. Try removing the angle stop, retaping the male threads and add some pipe dope in addition to the teflon tape. After all that is done, remove the aerator from the spout and run water to flush out the lines.

    Good luck


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