I am going cheap here, trying to keep the cost as low as possible. I live in an extreme drought area in the Southeast and basically no watering, car washing, etc. is in place. I have installed a 400 gallon tank to collect rainwater from my gutters for my wife's garden. I want to hook up a pump to the tank now and use this to wash my car. 400 gallons was over kill for gardening.

I went to my local Agri-Supply(farm supply place) and they special ordered me this pump: http://www.chinapumps.com/english/pr...0Vortex%20Pump
It is only 35 dollars, so is cheap. 1/2 Horsepower Deep Well is the label on the box. Arrive by UPS tonight.

My question is this going to work as the instruction manual is terrible. I actually cannot tell if the pump will cycle off at a certain pressure or just runs continuous. I want the hose to work as it would from the house supply, meaning that when I stop using the hose, the pump does not burn up or the pump stops due to a pressure switch in the pump. The guy at Agri-Supply said it did, but not sure at this point based on the weak manual.

The wiring instructions are terrible also, it has a blue, brown, and green/yellow set of wires. I assume the green/yellow is ground and the other two I test out and make sure the motor rotates as the manual states it should.

Thanks for your help and any other advice in terms of you should have bought this pump, Tom