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Thread: Standing pilot to electronic ignition

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    Default Standing pilot to electronic ignition

    Is there a kit that converts a standing pilot to electronic ignition?

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    The Honeywell Y8610U might work for your application.Check the catalog page below.I've never installed one but seen it advertised for years.


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    Default Electronic ignition for boiler

    I know that this is a controversial reply, but consider that many gas boilers with millivolt controls will operate in the absence of utility power. That means that it can maintain boiler temperature in the event of a power failure. Manually opening the zone valves will allow the system to maintain some level of heating when the power is out.

    While it is not the ideal solution, it is cheap insurance. The relatively minor savings afforded from the elimination of the standing pilot light against frozen pipes in cold weather. I know, I've been there in New England where power failures usually come along with ice storms and cold weather.

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    I would advise you have a pro do this and not yourself. Depending on the type of system you have now is also important. Lo voltage, Line voltage Millivolt, Type of gas valve, etc. If you buy and try to install it improperly, someone may get hurt. A pilot lite system is simple and less problematic. IMHO

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    I agree with Geno. You never mentioned what type of system has the standing pilot but it must of been designed with a standing pilot burner. It will probably be better to let it stay as is. If you are trying to gain some energy savings, not much will be gain and if it is a newer piece of equipment, it might void the remaining warranty.


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