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Thread: More questions on buying a kitchen faucet

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    Default More questions on buying a kitchen faucet

    Question #1: Is there any kind of formula to figure out how far away from the bottom of the sink the spout height should be so that it doesn't splash? My sink is only 6" deep. The spout height I have now is around 5 1/2 inches but the faucets I want are 6 3/4".

    Question #2: I have a deckplate with the faucet I have now - does that mean I have to have one with the new faucet?

    Question #3: If the description/specifications on a faucet don't mention a deck plate does that mean there isn't one included?

    Anyone's help would be appreciated. LynnB

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    1. It will always splash.
    2. No.
    3. Probably.

    Re deckplates: some faucets can be installed with or without a deckplate. I bought a Moen kitchen faucet that came with a deckplate, but we decided it'd look better without one. I called Moen, and they sent me the standalone handheld spray base at no charge. We eliminated the deckplate and put a soap dispenser in the now-uncovered 3rd hole. I suspect that if I had originally bought the no-deckplate version, they would have sent me a deckplate if I changed my mind the other way.

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    1) A good aerator usually softens the stream so that splashing is not a big problem
    3) Check specific specs and installation diagrams before you buy something. Most pull-out types seem to have single-hole mount option.
    For other types, single hole mount is not a common option, but is available on some . Check the websites


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