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Thread: guage problem?

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    Default guage problem?

    Good evening..I have a submersible pump and wanted to up the pressure to 40/60 so I drained the system, put 38lbs of air in the bladder, adjusted the tall "off" nut to raise the off pressure, cycled pump. It shuts off at 60 but no matter what I do after the pump shuts off and I open a faucet, the gauge eventually drops to 35, then drops instantly to zero before the pump cuts on which at that time the guage jumps back to 35 where it starts raising back to 60. I've taken apart the switch, cleaned the nipple but no matter how I adjust the short screw it does not alter the 35 to zero back to 35 sequence.

    Inside the house the pressure is fine but I can easily tell when the pump drops to zero..if only for an instant there is a hiccup in the line pressue.

    Thoughts? New guage? Lobotomy?

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    Default Reset tank air pressure!

    Your pressure gauge may not be accurate. First I would change the pressure gauge (it's cheap).
    Then turn off the power to the pump and drain all the water to "0" pressure. Then add or reduce the air on the tank air valve to 33 lbs (if your pressure gauge is actually reading 35 lbs cut on and 60 lbs at cut off). The air pressure in the tank should be 2 lbs less than the cut on pressure. This should fix your instantaneous no pressure.

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    You are adjusting the wrong screws. The tall one moves the cut-in and cut-out together; 30/50 to 40/60 etc.. The short one adjusts only the cut-out; 50 to 55 or 62 etc...
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    Default guage problem

    Thanks...the strange think is that no matter what screw I turn, the kick on doesn't change.

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    Try a new switch. Buy one that is already set for 40-60. It will save you a lot of headache. Buy a Square D and then most anyone here can help you adjust it if needed.


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