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    I have a drilled well with a 4" casing at 96' deep. In 2002 I put a new pump. Two weeks ago I started having water problems again. Today I raised the pump enough to drop a line down the well to see if it was dry. It shows that I have 43 ft of water in the casing. When I fill the casing with water I can get it to pump for so long then it will just quit. I then drop a string down it and it still shows there is 43 ft of water. So do you recommend a new pump, and if so who makes a 3 inch pump. In 2002 we put in a 4 inch pump and we had a lot of trouble getting to go down in the casing. Thanks, Steve

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    You might want to post this question in the Pump and Wells Forum.

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    Default Pumping dry?

    Iím not sure where you are at, but here in North Phoenix, some of our wells go down 800 feet plus, and some only produce 4 of 5 gallons per minute. I wonder if it is possible that your pump is out pumping what your well can produce. I was told but a well company that I deal with, that I could put a valve on the out going water line, to slow the yield down. My well puts water into a storage tank, and then a jet pumps takes if from the tank into the house, so I can slow the yield down from the well.


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