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Thread: Washing Machine Problems - I feel dumb

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    Question Washing Machine Problems - I feel dumb

    Hello! I just bought a house where the previous owners had their washing machine hooked up in their utility room. The only drain we can find is a floor drain that has no pipes sticking out of it and a round grate (about 5 inches?) that is cemented in the floor. It has a little tiny hole punched into it so we tried just sticking the washers drain pipe thingy into it but water backs up and goes everywhere. Any ideas? Please!?!

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    Could there be a drain in the wall as part of the supply/shutoff assembly?
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    Default Washing machine problems

    I have looked around the area where the supply comes from and do not see any kind of wall drain. Any other ideas?

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    Is there a utility sink? I've seen washers that drained into them. If there was a washer in the basement, it had to drain into a standpipe. To my knowledge, a washer just can't drain otherwise.


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