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    Thanks for the help posting a thread. The problem is with me. I am not very computer savy.

    My question: I need to replace my cracked toilet tank. There is no brand name on the tank and the only numbers I could find anywhere on the tank are: 126 August 14, 1988 or 1998 (the imprint was bad, making the year hard to read). The number on the lid is 7444 B11-A and the brand name on the base/bowl is Briggs. I have no paper work on the toilet. The previous owner put it in. Where can I find a used (or new, if needed) tank?

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    You might be lucky and find one, but often the parts are more expensive than just replacing the whole thing. The newer ones would end up saving on water and sewer costs, and some locales have rebates to replace older, high-flow toilets. On Monday, you might call BIggs. Tanks aren't universal, but sometimes you luck out.
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    I'm not Terry, but I'm pretty sure what the answer is. You can't replace that tank. New toilets now have to be 1.6 gal per flush rated and there is no way to convert the old to the new, and replacement tanks for the old models can not be sold. I'd suggest you shop for a Toto. You can read about them on Terry's Report on Low Flow Toilets off of the home page of this forum. Many of us that frequent this forum are advocates of the Toto brand. There have been many changes since 1988 in the toilet business. Some of the well known brands of yore have seen their position in the industry slip drastically due to these changes. Toto is on the cutting edge of this new technology. Sorry to rain on your parade, but that's the way it goes.

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    Back in the early 90's when the 1.6 gal tanks were coming out, there was a black market in the older 3 gal tanks. The old tanks came to be known as Supertankers. Price drove up pretty high, like over $300. When I had to replace a cracked bowl at the old house, I kept the old tank thinking I'd either need it or sell it later. Not even sure if the old tank is still around over at what is now the rental house. But today, companies like Toto & Caroma are making toilets that actually work under the 1.6g requirement.

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    Around 1992 the 1.6 GPF became law. Manufacturers changed the bolt lineup on all their models so that you could not, either accidentally or on purpose, put a new tank on an old bowl, or vice versa. They are just not compatible. Your old bowl is looking for 3.5 gallons, and would probably not flush well, if at all, on 1.6

    You just need to get a complete new toilet.


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