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Thread: Rust in my well water

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    Default Rust in my well water

    I have rust in my well water. I have experience low to no water pressure. I have had the water pressure tank replaced.I tried to pull the well pump up the well casing thinking I could clean the screen around the well pump of rust corrosion. The well pump is stuck in the casing and will not budge. I have several faucets and 1 toilet that seemed to have clogged valves and won't permit water to flow. Have you got a solution to free the pump? How do you free valves in faucets and toilets once the rust filings have clogged them?

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    You probably need a Well Man with a Pump Hoist to pull your pump. The screen does not need cleaning on the pump.

    Your aerators are probably plugged, not the faucets. Chances are when they cut into the plumbing to install the new tank they loosened a lot of scale that had built up and it is now coming up stream to your faucets.



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