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Thread: Basic Kitchen re-attach

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    Question Basic Kitchen re-attach

    [SIZE=4]I know this is probably beyond basic, but as my husband is swearing in the background, I thought I'd give you guys a chance to help before I call the plumber.

    Recently had new countertops installed - unfortunately they made a mistake in cutting out my sink and had to install a new sink. The drains were slightly off and my garbage disposal no longer fit due to the plumbing config... so we moved the garbage disposal to the other side of the sink and reconfig'd the pipes... we thought we were good, but now we have a leak on the non-disposal side.

    Both sides of the sink lead into a 'y' - the leaking non-disposal side is straight down with an elbow up and into the 'y' - the leaks are at both ends of the elbow...

    Any suggestions would be helpful - we have never attempted any plumbing tasks before and now my husband knows why! [/

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    The "elbow" is the trap, I assume.
    If it is a PVC white plastic drain assembly, it is made to be just hand-tightened. There are beveled plastic washers that go with the slip nuts on the PVC pipe. The flat side of the washer goes toward the nut, and the beveled end goes toward the pipe. If the washer is reversed, it will leak.
    If it is chrome metal pipe drain assembly, there are rubber washers (doesn't matter which way these are turned), but the nuts need to be tightened with a wrench or channel-locks.
    If all else fails, smear a little clear silicone on the washers. Should seal the leaking, and it will come apart easily when you need to do it again.
    Good Luck!


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