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    Default Roof Vents

    I am making an island drain for my bathroom, no it is not an island bathroom sink, but I have to use the principal in order to vent my newly located his/her sinks. Do I have to worry about rain/snow water filling up my vent lines and causing an air blockage? Thanks

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    I don't think you really want to do that.

    I think you should take a few pic's or sketch of what you want to do. Pic's would be a lot better.

    Is there a vent now. Is there any other way you can connect to it if you open a wall or something.
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    I hope this helps, but there will be his and her sinks on the left and right side of the picture. There are no vent stacks on either wall. Let me know if you need anymore explanation. Thanks
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    Here is my in wall island vent, this drains into the first sink pipe in the first picture and the vent ties into the old bathtub drain vent line. Won't work??
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    Default vent

    The first picture is confusing because the writing is illegible, and we don't know if this is a wall or floor picture, nor what that "u" device is for. Looking at the second picture, it appears it will work, but without seeing more of the piping, we cannot tell if it is legal or not. We assume any condensation in the pipe will have a means of drainage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hj View Post
    The first picture is confusing because the writing is illegible, and we don't know if this is a wall or floor picture.
    HJ, Unless he glued the framing sq. screwdiver and paper to a wall its a floor! LOL

    But, I'm as clueless as you as to what the heck that all is. Did Rube Goldberg design this?

    Any chance of getting rid of those Poybutylene supply lines while your doing this?
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    No chance of removing old water lines, the whole house is plumbed with them.

    I am seriously thinking about buying two aav for these two sinks. I am really having a hard time trying to make these abs vents work. Please tell me if this is a bad idea, I'm starting to run out of options. Thanks


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