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Thread: help hot water gets cold a few seconds

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    Default help hot water gets cold a few seconds

    I have a submergeable pump well system. Down in the basement is where the line coming in leads to a air tank pump. the system uses air pressure to pump though the line from the tank. When the lines need more pressure the tank pump kicks on and once pressure to about 80 lb the unit kicks off until 20 lb pressure. The problem is while in the shower. I can feel a 1 second surge when the tank kicks on. While the pressure is rising until kickoff my hot water is ice cold. The tank kicks off and them I am back to warm water. How can I remedy this? mek@duo-county.com

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    The first step would be to call in someone who knows something about pumps. Normally, pump range is 40-60 lbs. or somewhere in that range. You've got far too much differential.

    Another help would be a larger tank, and it's possible that your tank is no longer functioning well - the pressure tank should be checked for correct base pressure.

    If you have a pressure-balancing faucet in the shower, chances are the pressure variation is more than it can handle, or you're getting an initial surge from the pump when it kicks on.


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