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Thread: Actual Bidet Seat reviews and comparisons

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    Default Actual Bidet Seat reviews and comparisons

    Hi all,

    [edit] I really should have titled this thread "Actual Bidet Seat reviews and comparisons." Is there a way to re-title the thread?

    I'm looking at bidet seats, and was surprised to find how many of these are on the market. The problem is that the only information available is marketing material or dry feature lists. I have identified a few that seem to be fairly high-end units, including remote, various washing options, and soft-close seat, warm air dry, and some bonuses like activated air filter. The choices are numerous. These include:

    Toto S300 "Jasmin", 1277 watts, continuous heating $799
    Coco 6035R, 660 watts, $599
    Biobidet BB-1000, 660 watts, $498
    INAX Luscence, 311 watts $699
    Brondell Swash 700, 1300 watts, $650
    Hyundai HB-R770, HDB-1500R
    . . . Any more to add?

    Of course marketing materials are not reliable when comparing competing units. Unfortunately, reviews on English boards are pretty scant. Has anyone had experience with any of these units? Any others to add to the list? I'm thinking that they all probably have pretty similar features, although if one has a standout "must-have", I'd like to know, and similarly, if one of these has a deal-breaker flaw, I'd like to hear about it.

    I imaging some important info that's missing from the web might include:

    - Is there ample room to sit (with the electric portion hogging some sitting space)
    - Is the unit comfortable; does the seat have great "butt-feel"
    - Easy to use?
    - Is one unit really noisy or quiet compared with the others
    - strength of wash & dry flow, and does that matter
    - Are any installation issues (inconvenient or unsightly positioning of cord or pipe?
    - Has anyone exchanged one of these for another and been happier?
    - etc.

    I've searched the web, and have come to the conclusion that the English-speaking world needs at least one thread in one forum discussing more than just which features are available at which price.

    As a point of reference, I have Toto Ultramax elongated toilets with the soft-close seats, and love these.

    Any comments other than potty jokes?

    Thanks a ton!


    Bidet Seats
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