I just finished a remodeling of my front bathroom. After making sure I had no leaks, I added my escutcheons and was installing the knobs.

I run my final test -- everything looks good.

Then I go to turn the diverter to the shower position ... and the knob keeps turning and turning and turning .... going between faucet and shower, but never "stopping".

FWIW, the diverter stem is a Harcraft with the white plastic end. (See the following address for a picture: http://www.plumbingparts.org/parts/982843.html)

I have the same diverter in the other bathroom, and it stops after a couple of turns in one direction for the shower, and vice versa for the faucet.

I am concerned that if I use the "infinitely turning" diverter/shower, it could develop a leak. As replacing them seems ridiculous (the remodel was a long project, so the stems were installed months ago but haven't been used other than to test them a couple of times), is there something I might need to tighten, or is this thing broken already?

Finding these things wasn't even easy; Lowes' had the hot/cold stems, but I had to drive 20 miles to a specialty plumbing shop for the diverter, and they weren't cheap. I'd like to avoid that again, if possible.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.