I live in cold country, Santa Fe NM. I live in a very old house, built probbably in 1940's or earlier. I believe I have a frozen pipe somewhere between the water pump in my front yard and my house, a distance maybe of 30 yards.
The pump was frozen, but I got in unfrozen after pouring propane gas on it for 2-3 hours and digging down about 2 feet.

I have two questions.
#1. So far no one has been able to determine where the main inlet for water to house is located. I have no main water shut off in house that anyone has been able to locate. My old spanish house was built in stages.
The bathroom was added on after the house was built. There are two shut off valves in crawl space under the bathroom which we have determined are for shutting off water in bathroom. Any suggestions where we might look for it, or maybe there isn't any. Someone suggested possibly digging up around the outside wall from where water heater is located, which is in kitchen.

Some think the freeze may be at the "T" intersection of pump in the yard.
Question # 2 Is there someway of applying an electrical charge at pump that might unfreeze the "T" section, or do we need to dig down to it.

All the piping in house and under the part of the house that is accessible, are not frozen.