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Thread: Thermal Expansion tanks.....average life span???

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    Talking Thermal Expansion tanks.....average life span???

    We usually offer a thermal expansion tank when we
    install a new water heater.....and a pan under the heater....

    I had a Rheeem gas heater today begin to leak....

    It was 6 1/2 years old......not too good a life span...

    We replaced it with a Brad White......in a new pan pipled to the crawl space...

    The problem that I ran into was the Thermal expansion
    tank had gone bad some time over the last 6 years and
    weighed about 55 lbs just hanging in the air....

    the homeowner was disgusted enough with the fact
    that the heater had gone bad, and did not want to pay extra for
    a thermal expansion tank that I had promised her 6 years ago
    would help lenghten the life of the heater...

    so I put a plug in the outlet,
    and went my merry way....

    I recently had a thermal expansion tank that I had
    installed about 8 years ago blow a hole in the side of
    it and get a basement pretty wet......

    I am not to happy about the cheapness of those things
    and am glad I have not have had to pay for anyones
    basement as of yet.............

    My question is .....
    how long are those things supposed to last???

    Do any of you actually send out mailers, or remind
    your customers that these things should be serviced or looked
    at after a few years????/

    or is that simply their problem after a year????

    basically what good are they if someone
    does not check them out and baby them every so often for troubles....


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