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Thread: New sink drain

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    Default New sink drain

    I am going to help a friend finish out his attic. On one wall there is a vent pipe for the bathroom directly below it. Would it be lgal to tie into this vent as a drain for a sink in his new wet bar?

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    IRC/IPC and most codes NO. You cannot wet vent between floors. If it were a waste stack and there were other vents for the floor below tied in above then yes.

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    Since the vent is coming straight up from the bottom of the wall I guess this isn't going to work. The walls are finished downstairs so I have no way of knowing how its setup. Thanks for the answers.

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    except for your re-vent below flood rim level. also, why did you individually vent the water closet. seriously over vented but perhaps thats code in your area.
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