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Thread: supply valve corrosion at compression connection

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    Question supply valve corrosion at compression connection

    Early in 2007 I replaced shutoff valve and supply tube to upstairs toliet. Lately I have noticed a white powdery substance on the valve and tube where they connect also there is a greenish color at the compression fitting where the tube enters the valve. No moisture of any kind is currently present on the valve, tube or floor. It is possible at one time there was and now it has sealed its self. Do I need to do anything with this or is it ok?

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    The white powdery substance is most likely calcium from hardness in the water and the green is the same thing from the copper.
    Clean off the discoloration with a little steel wool and carefully snug up the fittings, using a backup wrench.
    Good luck!

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    It could also be caused by condensation forming and drying on the valve and riser.


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