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Thread: Ticking noise in my cpvc supply lines.

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    Default Ticking noise in my cpvc supply lines.

    I have a ticking noise in my cpvc supply lines. I know the common answer is rubbing against pipes. the question is my pipes don't run in the wall. they go directing behind washer and I can see them. they don't move at all when the water is on so I don't see how they could be hitting anything else to cause the ticking noise. Although my main concern is not the ticking noise, it's whether or not I need to worry about this. does this mean that my piped could burst or break. do I need to replace them with copper. That's my main concern but I would like to know what's causing the noise. Thank you. Corey

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    The ticking noise is normally expansion and contraction where the pipe is held tight.
    It doesn't have to be where you can see it. Sound will travel a long ways.
    Most of the time, it is a natural sound of the home.
    There are ways to install them with plastic clips that help to reduce the ticking.

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    CPVC is especially vulnerable to this, since its coefficient of thermal expansion is the highest of any of the materials commonly used in manufacturing supply pipes. This was discussed in other threads; for example: http://www.terrylove.com/forums/show...ion#post113114


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