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    I'm not very familiar with plumbing, but I know how to turn off my water, disassemble some shower fixtures, etc...

    Obviously, I'll have to seal this so that more water doesn't cause this problem again soon... (see pictures)

    In my new place, the bath/shower unit has progressively started to drip more and more (the hot water).
    Rather than hire a plumber on my measly earnings and try to get the landlord to reimburse me, I thought I'd have a go at fixing it myself.

    There are separate hot and cold controls, the hot water side has a handle, but the splines are completely stripped. The old tenants used pliers to turn the water on/off. That'll have to go.

    Here's a couple pictures. There's a hexagonal piece that screws into the fixture in the wall, but I cant for the life of me figure out how to remove the stem. Is this possible without going behind the tile and removing the entire fixture?
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    Get a T&S socket wrench kit for $20 and access/remove the complete stem assembly. Inspect the faucet seat; this is what destroys seat washers over time.

    Don't go to the big box stores to buy the replacement stems; get OEM replacement parts from the best plumbing supply house around.

    Some stems can be as much as $40 a piece so be prepared....more for a diverter stem and all 3 around $100-$200 sometimes depending on the brand name and if they like you when you come through the door.
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