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Thread: Zoeller Sump Pump Question

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    With seawater, you might find more of the bronze pump in these applications, but the reason we offer it is that our competitors offer it.

    If the plastic plug was in place when you got the pump, there is no reason to worry about the small seepage of oil on the side of the pump!
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    ZP you were posting here about a year ago? Welcome back. I sent a nomination to the website "where Americans can buy American" for Zoeller. Hope you guys really are keeping out of the orient.

    About the m53 for septic effluent: can I hang it in the tank by a tether or does it require [as shown in the instructions] to sit upon a flat bottom or block? I would guess the block causes it to not be able to ingest anything bigger than the 1/2" cutouts in the casting? Does hanging in mid tank reduce the GPM pumped?


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    No, it doesn't reduce anything, I have had this come up before, the only thing that could happen is that the pump could "unscrew" itself from the discharge pipe.

    This has happened before because of the torque from when the pump turns on, This one guy swears he had it happen to him 3 different times over a 18 month period. Every 6 months the pump was coming off the discharge pipe????? He did end up telling me that the cord was always wrapped around the discharge pipe unlike when it was reinstalled. This was a larger pump compared to the "53".

    I really don't see anything wrong with doing that (tethering, or hanging) with the smaller pumps.

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    I can hear my Zoeller pumping now. Sweet sound to my ears: a slight click and an almighty gush of water from basement sump to curb.

    It just keeps on puking. But we have had inches of rain today.
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