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Thread: drop in tub used as a shower too?

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    Default drop in tub used as a shower too?

    Mariposa™ 6' Bath Whirlpool
    I bought and installed a 6ft Kohler Mariposa whirlpool drop in tub..display model..got it cheap..I haven't installed tile yet on the 2 X 6 decking or the 3 wall surround....I'm a shower person...Is using one of these as a shower going to be a water disaster?..does anyone out there live painlessly with this configuration?..should I build up Hardibacker on a slight slope and bullnose tile at the top on the fiberglass?..any suggestions?..Thanks ..Don
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    Don -

    I would install a clawfoot tub shower curtain (you know, the full circle type). Then, I would duct tape, nail and staple (twice) plastic around the entire enclosure. Showering with a rain coat and rubbers would not be a bad idea either. After each shower I would squeegie, towel dry and then blow dry the entire surrounding area. You know, all of this could have been avoid if you had just installed a drain in the surrounding tile area around the tub.

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