Hi Guys,

I posted a few months back in regard to finding a reliable plumber for repiping (corroded copper pipe) our 22yr old multi-level home, on well water. I was undecided between the PEX and the CPVC, but have decided to go with the CPVC (already installed in a newer part of our home). The plumbing contractor recommended and uses PEX in the high end homes he plumbs, but is willing to repipe with whatever material I choose.

I am still leaning towards the CPVC, due to concerns of fittings, contaminated water, and rodent damage; but, before I make a final decision, I would like to know any concerns of using the CPVC. I am locatd in the upstate of SC, where winters are generally mild and get cold occasionally; but, do I need to worry about cracked pipes and leaks at joints of the pipes installed in the ceilings and walls of the interior of my home?

Also, do the pipes need to be insulated in my walkable crawlspace? There is a water heater and a heat pump also in that location. The plumber feels those two thing will keep the area warm enough to help prevent freezing. We currently have foam insulation on the copper pipes, but this plumber says it really does not prevent frozen pipes - it only makes the homeowner feel better.

Thoughts? I welcome any and all of your educated opinions, thanks.

** Can anyone recommend a good water softener system (Lowe's/Home Depot) type? **

thanks again