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Thread: How to use a closet auger on a plugged toilet

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    So if I had the GI Joe in my toilet and used a bigger auger to push him though am I going to just push the problem into the main sewer line or since that is a larger pipe will it be ok? I am starting to think after reading this post there may be a car in there somewhere, so even if I could push the car through do I really want to?


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    Or you can wash it off and put it back in the holder. Then just "happen" to mention it a few days later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dunbar Plumbing View Post
    Okay Redwood,

    Explain to me how every time I've opened a drain that eliminated pulling a toilet and I "did" open that drain due to toilet paper/solids.....

    they never called me back....because I removed the obstruction. ???

    Pulling a toilet is a bigger charge, I'm not about to bounce a charge on someone if I can do it without unnecessary additional work. That creates a situation with finding a bad closet flange, dealing with a bad angle stop, possibility of causing tank to bowl bolts to leak. I don't want that excess responsibility when all I'm called out to do is unclog a toilet drain.

    If your statement is true...

    I've opened hundreds of toilet clogs incorrectly....and not one person has called me back stating the clog is back. It's because I did remove it.

    How so...teach me
    I've done a number of augers as well, if I pull a bockage then I won't pull the toilet, but if I clear without pulling anything back then I'm going to pull the toilet and inspect.
    I charge an hour minimum so cost to the client is the same, risk is my guarrenty. I stand behind my work and will keep coming back until hell frezzes over.
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    Angry Toilet Clogging Problem

    I had a 16" ADA height, elongated bowl, 1.6 gpf Drake for about five years. I loved it. It never clogged (and I can clog one pretty good). Last April we had to pull it for some minor renovations, and when I tightened it back down I broke it. ["SUNNUVA B!!!!!"]

    The replacement Drake is also a 1.6 gpf, two-piece, elongated bowl, ADA height (only now 17.25" high). I have two problems with it.

    First, it has a disturbing tendency to clog. This one has clogged more in the last six months than the old one did in the previous five years. Secondly, I can't find plunger to seal the hole to effectively "plunge" it when it does clog.

    Has anyone else noticed this clogging tendency with the newer Drakes? And what works to unclog it when it does?


    This is what we use, Terry Love
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    I would bet a sizable amount that there is a foreign object wedged in the trap. Could be any number of things that would catch paper and cause a clog. The only things that should be flushed in a toilet either come out of the human body or toilet paper, and the toilet paper should have a low or no rag content. Young kids often flush toys or toothbrushes, but there is no end to possibilities. Sometimes a toilet auger can get them out, but often the toilet has to be removed and the problem approached from the underside.

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    Contrary to the instructions on most boxes, it's better to put the wax on the flange, then set the toilet over it rather than the other way. Regardless, the wax may have shifted and is partically plugging the hole, or, someone dropped something in the toilet and didn't tell you. Also, make sure that the hose is pointed down the overflow tube properly and attached with the clip. If the bowl doesn't fill properly, it won't flush properly.
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