Looking for some guidance. Some friends and myself have purchased a home that we have gutted and remodeled. The original house had only one bath on the first floor. We have added two baths on the second floor. Hoping to get some suggestions on improvements or if there are any glaring problems with our plans.

Under the slab we are transitioning from Cast Iron to 4" PVC.
This runs about 24" horiz. to a 90 ell to turn vertical.
On the vertical we branch off with 4x2 reducing San. Tees for a tub, washer and lavatory on the first floor. There is also a Y here for a cleanout.

At the top of the 1st floor we Y out to 3" and run Horiz. to a Y for each of 2 back outlet toilets on the 2nd floor. The 2nd toilet is connected is on a San. Tee so that the vent can go out the top of this. After the toilets reduced to 2" via a 3x2 bushing and run over and up to a double Y with 45s for back to back lavatories in the upstairs bathrooms. 2" vent continues vertical above the sinks and will either ell back to the main 3"vent above the toilets or go straight to the roof.

Back off the main stack we change to 2" via a 4x2 bushing and go to back to back tubs. The 2" continues up and turns and connects to the 3" vent above the toilets.

Are we missing cleanouts or vents anywhere? The house is in NJ. We are under the IPC code I think (have the book but not in hand at this time).

Thanks for advice.

I'll try to upload drawing later. The file size appears to be too large.