Has anyone seen or heard or know what I can do here?

I have a Sterling shower that I installed a month or so ago, drywalled - painted - put shower doors in etc and today decided to clean the thing to finally use it.

Prior to installing the shower, I noticed that on one wall, there was a very sticky area. About a 8" square area, you know as if there was a sticker there and left it's glue behind. Didn't bother to clean it off because hey, it's gonna get real dirty during install, drywall, paint etc so I held off until today - project completion.

WELL I decided first to get the major portion off with a sponge and some warm water. No soap at this point.

Well after a minute of swirly the area, I noticed that the wall was very shiny in the middle. I rubbed my nail over the area and a ton of this glue goop was coming off then suddenly a small area about the size of an eraser top - comes popping off down to the fiberglass.

After screaming what the ***K, I noticed that the textured surface can be easily removed in the sticky area now warmed up with my fingernail. It's a different color under slightly and obvious too because of the difference in depth and shine.

This is horrible. Still very sticky there because I didn't want to continue cleaning it.

Obviously there is something wrong here. It's like something never fully cured or, some chemical on the sticker or a combination of things 'melted' this top coat.

I used NO chemicals or anything on this shower. The sticker on the shower recommends some pretty harsh stuff for the first cleaning (MEK, ACETONE Etc) which I can't imagine would be good for the surface.

Not sure what to do. This would be a huge task to remove this wall as I would have to redrywall, redo the shower door, repaint the whole wall as it is semi gloss dark. Just a giant cluster.

Suggestions? Sterling is closed atm, will call during lunch on Monday obviously. But anything else I can do? What may have caused this?