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    Default Proposed layout questions

    Below is the proposed layout for my 2nd flr bth.
    The questions are:
    1 -Can the toilet be attached to the shower drain with a 4x4x2 wye and then connect to the stack for venting? Is this method of venting the toilet adequete?(NOTE: the shower is vented above)

    2 - Can the toilet closet bend be 4"..or is 3" the preferred size? (NOTE: the stack is 4"). Toilet is/will be an American Standard.

    3 - Can the 4" stack be reduced to 2" AFTER connection to the toilet via a 4" T?[EDIT: Spoke to friend; informed this is illegal]

    Venting for shower is at appx. 96" AFF, for sink 44" AFF. There will also be a 2" cross(2x2x2x2) attached at 60" AFF to allow for venting to fixtures below (on 1st flr).

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