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Thread: temporary shower in garage

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    Default temporary shower in garage

    We are having hardwood floors put in through out the house, so have to relocate a shower to the garage near location of old washer hook-up and drain. What kind of shower pan and pump will I need to "pump-up" the shower drain water? Washer stand pipe is about 3 1/2 feet from floor level. This is only about an 8 week fix for the temp shower. Have access to 1/2 bath that will not be effected by the flooring job. Many thanks.

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    Unless your garage ceiling is unusually low, I would cut the washer stand-pipe as low as possible and install a temporary shower raised above the floor just enough to allow for a trap and let gravity take the water away. Or, talk with someone at an RV parts house or marine dealership about a flat-bottom gray-water tank and small discharge pump you can set next to a shower on a platform at least as high as the top of the tank or possibly even with the shower right on top of it.

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    Default temporary shower in garage

    Great idea. Ithink that will work. thanks


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