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Thread: Installation Instructions for Toto Guinevere and Soiree?

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    Question Installation Instructions for Toto Guinevere and Soiree?

    Toto Guinevere toilet.

    I've been searching for installation instructions for the Guinevere and Soiree toilet and can't find any. Are they similar to the those for the Carlyle series (MS904114 or MS884114 series)?

    Before I order the Guinevere I want to make sure that my water supply line will work with the wide skirt or if I will have to have it moved over by a plumber. Looking at the specs, which was all I could find, it looks like I might have to have the water line moved since it indicates the line should be 8" from the center of the toilet. How close can the supply line actually be?

    Also, I noticed a "special note" on the Toto website for the Carlyle, which said "Water supply rough-in is wider than standard 5 1/2" rough-in. Consult your builder or contractor." Does anyone know if this also applies to the Guinevere? It wasn't mentioned but it seems that complete information re: the Guinevere is lacking.

    So, if folks out there know answers to any of these questions, I sure would be grateful. Thank you!

    The Soiree and the Guinerver need 5-1/2" center to center or more for the shutoff.
    The Toto spec does not show what you can get by with, it shows a generic measurement that would work on any toilet.
    Terry Love
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    The Gunivere and the Soiree work with a water supply 5-1/2" to the left.
    The installation is very much like the Carlyle installation. (The Carlyle needs 7")
    You install the Unifit to the flange, and drop the bowl over it.

    If it's a new installation, there may be a plug for the flange.

    Knock out the flange

    Ready to drill the floor and set the Unifit with a wax seal.

    Installed and ready to be caulked at the floor.
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    Smile Terry, Thanks for the advice!

    Terry, Thanks for the advice!

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    The unifit to flange connection requires a wax ring seal which Terry's excellent picture does not show.

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    Terry- will the Carrollton or the Vespin also work with the valve that way? My valve is about 7 inches from the center line and 7 inches off of the floor? Will it work with these toilets?


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    The Carrollton and the Vespin will work with the valve at 7" center to center.

    The TOTO Guinevere and the TOTO Soiree.
    These are two of what I consider the best of what TOTO has. In the last two years, I've sold 121 of these.

    Most are in high end homes, but sometimes just older homes in Seattle.
    They look great and flush well.

    The best features are the comfort height bowl, the bowl is 16-1/8" before you add for the nice slow closing seat.
    The skirted base, which makes for easier cleaning.
    When replacing bowls, this is nice, it will cover almost any footprint that has been left on the floor.
    Since the back of the bowl is slimmer then the Carlyle, you only need 5-1/2" to the left of center for the shutoff.
    Since most plumber rough-in at 6" or more, they will fit almost anywhere.
    You also have the option of using the standard 12" rough-in that comes with the toilet, or installing with a 10" or 14" Unifit.

    This is great for both older homes, with 14" rough-in, (Many homes in the 20's had 14") or homes with the rough-in too close to the wall.
    Parts are easy to get, we use the same basic parts in all of the TOTO toilets, so if you have a part for one, you can pretty much fix the entire lineup.

    Real customers are reporting back that they love the toilets.
    I have one customer, a neigbor of Bill Gates in Medina, that started with two of the Guinevere, and when he found that he liked them, he ordered three more for a total of five.
    Steve Balmer went with the Neorest600 in his master bath, it also has a adapter like the unifit, Sanagloss and double cyclone rinse, but with the added feature of the Washlet seat and automatic functions.
    I hear back that he's thinking of getting more of them.

    The bread and butter of the TOTO line is the Drake and the Ultramax, and the top of the line is the Guinevere and the Soiree. Unless you are thinking of the Neorest lineup. Off all the brands I'm selling, the Toto has the least problems and the highest customer satisfaction. I sell all brands, and we do about 2,000 toilets a year.

    We also see what people are replacing and what they think of those.
    Most of the business is made of repeat customers and referrals.
    Some brands sell themselves, and some are installed for a short while, until we come to pull them out.
    Terry Love
    December 4, 2009
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